Almost anything you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it.Mahatma Gandhi

Couldn’t find a more befitting quote for “hair removal”. Okay, I might have changed the context of the above quote a bit (I mean Mahatma Gandhi was probably not talking about epilating or shaving when he said that). But I can literally hear every girl, who has ever attempted some form of hair removal, shouting amen. And one of the toughest and most frequently asked questions when it comes to hair removal is “what to choose between epilator vs shaving”. And being indecisive AF collectively (as women) doesn’t help. Which also explains the presence of one hundred thousand articles attempting to answer the same question. Well, no promises, but I’ll take a shot too, for I’ve tried both epilating and shaving (and then some more). And I do have a few insights to offer when it comes to “Epilator Vs Shaving”.

Epilator Vs Shaving – The Eternal Battle

Epilator vs Shaver
Difference Between Epilator And Shaver

Now, before addressing the age-old question of epilator Vs shaving, let’s look at each of these methods of hair removal in detail. We’ll address the questions such as – how do these work, which body parts are these most effective on, the pain involved in each of these methods and pros and cons of each. Once we get all of this outta the way, you will have all the information needed to make an informed decision on the much-debated question of epilator Vs shaver.


Epilator Pros And Cons
Epilators, One Of The Best Hair Removal Method (Braun Silk-épil 9 9-579).

An epilator is an electronic device which mechanically grasps multiple hairs and pulls them out. Much like waxing, it pulls hair out from the root. Thus, the hair takes a longer time to grow back and we get a smooth run for weeks.

What are the different types of epilators?

Epilators can be classified based on a lot of parameters. Basically, there are three basic types of epilators – spring epilators, rotating disc epilators and tweezer epilators. Spring epilators have rotating coil springs which trap and pluck the hair out. The rotating disc epilators work on a similar mechanism, except that they use rotating ceramic discs. The third and most popular type – tweezer epilators. They trap and pull hair out using mechanical tweezers.

Epilators also come corded (these can be recharged) as well as cordless, battery-operated.
These can also be wet and dry. The basic difference between dry and wet epilators is that dry epilators can only be used on dry skin while the wet ones can be used in a shower.

How painful is it?

I’m not really the sugar-coating type, it is hella painful (I swore to myself I’d rather chop my arm off, than touch the demonic device again). But then it gets better (or maybe you just get used to the pain). Also, pain tolerance varies from person to person. Some ladies (read “aliens”) don’t find it that painful even the first time.

On what body parts do epilators work best?

Well, pretty much everywhere. There are body epilators which come with specific caps for different body parts and different speed levels as well. There are some brands that make epilators for specific purposes as well, such as facial epilators, bikini epilators etc. But if it is your first time epilating, it is better to start off with arms and legs. Once you get used to it, you can move on to more sensitive areas such as armpits, bikini line, and face. Most women avoid epilating armpits because of the pain. Skin in the armpits is extremely sensitive. But there are a lot of benefits of epilating your armpits, topping the list is getting rid of the dark skin.

Let’s talk money

Epilators range from $15 to $150, depending on the brand and features offered. It is best to get a body epilator with extra caps for other areas. When it comes to brand, I prefer using Braun as it is convenient to use as well as clean and works for a considerable period of time. Plus, you don’t have to give an arm and a leg for it! (Would be weird if you did though, what would you epilate then?)

Epilators – Pros and cons

Pros of epilators:

• Get a smooth run for weeks
• Hair grows back thinner and smoother
• Smoother skin as hair is plucked out and not cut, which also doesn’t lead to a prickly, stubble
• One-time investment and hence cost effective
• Body epilators can be used to remove hair from the whole body
• Convenient and can be done from the comfort of your home, at your own time
• Considerably less messy

Cons of epilators:

• Cost of the epilator is high as compared to shaver/razor
• Painful experience as compared to shaving
• Time-consuming
• Sometimes causes ingrown hair, bumps, and redness


Shaving Pros and Cons
Shaving has been the most favored hair removal method.

Shaving is the process of cutting down the hair to the level of the skin. It doesn’t involve plucking the hair out from its root, unlike in the case of an epilator or waxing. Shaving just slices down the hair to a shorter length. Since it doesn’t pluck the hair out from its roots, hair growth will be quicker and a stubble is usually visible within a day or two. The stubble will be clearly visible if you have black hair and fair skin, less so in case of blonde hair.

What are the different types of shaving methods?

The most common is using a razor. (I don’t need to tell you how that works, now.) There are different types of razors available such as disposable ones, electric razors etc. Using a hair removal cream or shaving cream is usually preferred as it makes the hair easier to remove. Electric shavers are comparatively more expensive, but they last longer. The major difference between epilator and shaver is in the mode of operation. While the epilator plucks the hair out, the shaver just trims or slices it down.

How painful is it?

Another major differentiating factor when it comes to lady shaver Vs epilator is the pain involved. Since shaving just trims down the hair, it is not at all painful. You need to be careful with the curvy parts though. (You’d know if you’ve ever misjudged while shaving your ankle.)

What body parts should I shave?

Since women have been shaving every inch of their skin from the neck down, for years, I would have to say, everywhere. Even with epilators in the picture, most women prefer using their good old razors (not literally, or so I hope) on sensitive areas, such as the underarms, face and bikini line. There are specific shavers available for different body parts such as the face, bikini line etc.

Let’s talk money, again!

When it comes to cost, we all know that the epilator Vs razor battle is pointless. Normal razors, as well as electric shavers, are pretty cheap as compared to epilators. They range from anything under $10 to $50. However, unlike epilators, they don’t work for years. You need to replace the blades or the razor itself after a few rounds of shaving.

Shaving – Pros and cons

Pros of shaving –

• Quick and convenient
• Easy to do, do not need any assistance
• Isn’t painful
• Cheaper products

Cons of shaving –

• Hair grows back in no time
• Continuous investment needed
• Leaves a stubble
• Sometimes causes skin irritation

The Final Verdict – Epilator Vs Shaving

Well, I personally prefer epilators to shaving for who has the time to shave every other day. But it totally varies from person to person. When it comes to epilator Vs shaving, both methods have their own advantages and disadvantages. It depends on what are the important parameters for you. If you don’t want to invest so much time on hair removal and would rather invest once and be done with it, go for an epilator. If you can’t bear the pain and don’t mind putting in those extra hours in the shower, opt for shaving. Also, whether it is an epilator or shaver, there are a gazillion options available and you need to choose the right one.

Hopefully, I’ve covered all your queries and confusions and you’ve found your winner in the epilator Vs shaving battle! If you enjoyed reading this article, do leave some positive comments below! If you didn’t, well still leave some positive comments below!


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