The Best Epilator for Bikini Area and Brazilian in 2018

A detailed epilator guide to assist you in choosing the best epilator for bikini area.

epilator for bikini area
Let's get started on our quest to find the best epilator for bikini area and brazilian!

Can you epilate your bikini line? If so, how? And which is the best epilator for bikini area? I’m sure all these questions (and a lot more) are popping up in your head! We’ve tried to cover all your queries and confusions regarding epilator use on bikini area. Read on to find out!

The Best Epilator for Bikini Area and Brazilian in 2018

Epilating Bikini Area
Epilating is a wonderful way to remove hair in your bikini areas.

Bikini season is right around the corner. And along with strawberries, sunshine, and tennis, summer also brings with it the pressure to get healthy (no, not skinny), toned and smooth “bikini body”. By “smooth” I don’t mean baby-soft, silky and glowing Gwyneth Paltrow-skin. (I don’t believe that’s achievable just by drinking a lot of water, green tea and avoiding junk. And of course also by using the “revolutionary” product, they’re getting paid to advertise.) What I DO mean is hair-free, toned skin. Even though hair removal is a perpetual tension for most of us, when it comes to down-under, it’s even more painful (literally).

Bikini waxing is the most popular method when it comes to getting your lady parts hair-free. But it is also extremely painful, way too messy and inconvenient. (And let’s just not talk about the awkwardness associated with revealing our veejayjay and everything else TO A COMPLETE STRANGER). But there’s an option that might help you take matters into your own hands. And that is, no claps for guessing, using an epilator for bikini area!! If you don’t know what an epilator is (seriously?), it is an electronic device that pulls hair out from the root, much like waxing.

Epilating Bikini Area – Pain Reduction Tips

First off, epilator use on the bikini area can be a very painful process. Skin down there is usually very sensitive and the coarser hair growth doesn’t make it any easier. If you are used to shaving or hair removal creams, epilating bikini line will be all the more painful the first time. And the tolerance level varies from person to person.

There are a few tricks that can definitely ease the pain a bit. For example, taking a long hot-water bath or shower prior to using an epilator on the bikini area will open up the pores, which makes the process a lot less painful. Pull the skin tight in order to ensure a smooth process. The epilator can otherwise grab the skin. Make sure the hair isn’t too long. If it is, trim it down to a 1/4th of an inch at least. Also, there are a very few of us who prefer epilators for a full brazilian. Most women prefer getting a brazilian wax done first and use the epilators for maintenance of the brazilian. In that case, the hair growth won’t be much and hair won’t be too long anyway.

Factors To Consider While Buying An Epilator For Bikini Area

best epilator for brazilian
The best epilators for bikini area often feature a smaller head that allows access to hard-to-reach areas.

The first step to successful bikini epilation is finding the right epilator. (It’s our buns we’re talking about, right?) So, what are the factors you need to consider while choosing an epilator for bikini area? With a gazillion different brands claiming to be the “best epilator for bikini area” or “best epilator for Brazilian”, how do you choose the best bikini epilator for you? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Let’s start with some of the factors you need to look for when it comes to choosing the best epilator for bikini line.

  • As mentioned above, it would be advisable to use epilate in the shower to reduce the pain. But some women who have a considerably higher tolerance to pain (why don’t you go back to your own home planet, ladies?) use a dry epilator as it gives faster and more efficient results. So, it would be better to go for a wet and dry epilator.
  • You should go for an epilator with adjustable speed settings, especially if it is your first time. You can fine-tune the process with time, depending on the thickness of hair, pain tolerance and such.
  • A cordless epilator would be better for the bikini area as you’re better off without the cord interfering with an already risky (just a bit) process.
  • Choosing an epilator with a smaller head is advisable. This makes it easier to move around your bikini area.

These are some of the factors you need to consider while choosing an epilator for the bikini area.

Epilator for Bikini Area and Brazilian – Product Reviews

I have used quite a few myself and honestly, it would be difficult to choose “the best epilator for bikini area or Brazilian” (why the hell is the name of the article that, then?). However, I will give you a list of my favorite ones and detailed reviews of each of these bikini epilators. Depending on your needs, pain tolerance level and budget, you can make an informed choice. So here goes!

1. Panasonic ES-ED90

Panasonic Epilator For Bikini Area
The Panasonic ES-ED90-P is ideal for gentle hair removal for the bikini area and is designed for use on sensitive skin.

This Panasonic epilator consists of 48 precision rotating tweezers, dual speed adjustment options, a gentle epilator head, shaver head and a bikini comb. It is a cordless, wet/dry epilator and comes with a built-in LED light. In short, all the necessary (plus a few extra) features that you want in a bikini line epilator!

Let’s get a bit technical and look at it in detail.

• The gentle epilator head is specially designed for use in sensitive areas such as the bikini area.
• There is a dual-speed option available. As mentioned before, you can use the speed that suits you better. In the beginning, go with the slower option as it is safer. Once you get used to it, you can switch to the more efficient one.
• Since it is a wet and dry epilator, can be used in the shower, which would help with the pain a bit.
• This epilator also includes a shaver head with hypo-allergenic blades and foil for safe hair removal on sensitive skin and a pop-up trimmer to capture long and stray hairs and trim, shape and maintain the bikini area. Which means, even if you have some long hair, you can trim it easily before epilation of bikini area. It uses extra-durable blades and a protective foil cover specifically designed to protect sensitive skin and prevents irritation.
• And can we please talk about the built-in lights! Now we all know it’s a bit dark down there and this light acts as a savior.
• Also, it is a full body epilator and with the dual-disc epilation head, you can epilate your arms and legs too.
• Apart from this, it also comes with a pedicure buffer attachment which removes dry, rough skin from the feet. And it might seem like an extra no-good feature, but it isn’t! It actually works pretty well and smoothens the skin.

The only issue with it is that it’s a bit painful, since hair removal in sensitive areas is always painful. But so is life. The process is less painful when compared to other epilators, and hence is suitable for sensitive skin.
Also, you need to charge it before using and since it is a cordless device, it can’t be used while charging.

2. Emjoi Soft Caress Epilator

Emjoi Epilator For Bikini Area
The Emjoi Soft Caress Epilator is excellent for removing hair on the bikini line.

This Panasonic epilator consists of 36 gold plated tweezers, dual speed control, massaging finger attachments and a cord. No extra goodies except for a cute pouch and a loofah.

Now, to the details.

  • Since it consists of 36 tweezers, it is quite efficient. Sometimes, you need to go over some parts twice though.
  • It consists of 24 karat gold plated hypoallergenic tweezers which aid antimicrobial protection against damaging bacteria. Guess we could use a bit of extra safety down there.
  • The head consists of massaging fingers, which help in reducing the pain. It is a useful feature when it comes to hair removal from sensitive areas, such as the bikini area.
  • It is rechargeable and can be operated both with the cord and cordless, unlike the Panasonic one.
  • There is a dual speed option to choose from, which again, is preferred.
  • Cheaper option as compared to the other bikini epilators.

It doesn’t have LED lights or a bikini shaver/trimmer. Which is okay for a body/facial epilator but would have been really helpful for an epilator designed for the bikini area. All in all, it is still a suitable epilator for hair removal in the bikini area.

3. Philips Satinelle Advanced Epilator

Philips Epilator For Bikini Area
The Philips Satinelle Advanced Is one of the most comfortable epilators for using on sensitive skin, which makes it ideal for epilating bikini line.

This epilator consists of 32 tweezers, delicate area cap, facial cap, efficiency cap, shaver head, trimming comb and storage pouch. It also comes with a built-in smart light.

Some important features –

  • Delicate area cap is perfect for bikini line. Specifically designed for sensitive areas and effectively removes hair from the bikini line.
  • Extra wide epilation head grabs more hairs on the first pass without pulling the sensitive skin.
  • It is wet/dry and thus, can be used in the shower as well.
  • This is a cordless epilator, which is preferred when it comes to epilators for bikini area.
  • Consists of the built-in smart light (yay!). Like the Panasonic one, it helps in visibility.
  • Also consists of a shaver, which can be used for trimming longer hair, before epilating. It can also be used to shave other parts of your body.
  • It also consists of an efficiency cap, which can be used for full body epilation.

Since it is a cordless one, make sure you charge it beforehand. The epilator comes with a good variety of handy attachments too.

So, these were my top picks. Hope you got all the information you were looking for regarding epilators for bikini area and can finally start epilating! (and also save yourself from the terrors of bikini waxing.) If you still have any doubts or queries regarding bikini epilators, do leave them in the comments below!


  1. I find epilators a godsend for hair removal on my bikini line. Lesser ingrown hairs, faster operation, albeit a bit painful, epilators are second to only laser hair removal devices when it comes to hair removal.

  2. Epilators are a really handy tool to remove hair from my bikini line. Earlier, I used trimmers which gave me sub par results.

  3. Right in time for the bikini season! I have the Philips Satinelle and it works great! I will have to stick with epilators, since I can’t use IPL hair removal because of my dark complexion.


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