Epilating Armpits – Best Epilator For Epilating Underarms

Waxing your underarms can be painful. But epilating the underarms is even more painful, especially when using an epilator that isn’t designed to be used on sensitive areas in the first place. So here we shall try to find out what is the best epilator for epilating armpits. And we’ve definitely got a few tricks up our sleeves (literally) when it comes to epilating underarms!

Epilating Armpits – Best Epilator For Epilating Underarms

Color it bright pink, braid it backward or just flaunt the au-naturale look – basically just go wild. Nope, I’m not talking about your mane (that’s not wild, that’s just common!). What I am talking about is your armpit hair. If your reaction was “Ewww, how gross!” or “Yuck” or something along those lines, well, you missed out on a very unusual and fun trend that graced the internet some time back – growing out your armpit hair. From Madonna to Jemima Kirke, most of our Hollywood divas embraced this sensational trend. But unlike the pouty lips or size zero figure, this didn’t last long. So, we’re back to the silky smooth underarm trend. Honestly, there’s nothing wrong with getting rid of some unwanted underarm hair (if it’s not because “the society demands it”). And if you are looking for a few methods to do so, we’ve got some help!

, Being Hairless
Epilating armpits works great for removing hair from the roots.

Shaving or waxing have been the preferred methods when it comes to underarm hair removal. Both of these come with their own set of problems though. Shaving makes your underarms so dark that it looks like you accidentally burnt them. Hair also grows back thicker, within no time. Waxing, as usual, is messy and inconvenient, especially if you have to book an appointment 5 weeks prior in order to get rid of a patch of hair. What’s the alternative, then? Epilating underarms! (No claps for guessing.) Well, epilating armpits offers a number of benefits; no need to get sticky chemicals and strips on your underarms, you can do it from the comfort of your own house and it lasts way longer than shaving. While one might argue that shaving is painless, what about the painfully expensive process of finding the underarm whitening products? Also, does an epilator darken underarms? NO!!

But I’ll make one thing clear, epilating underarms is not for the faint-hearted ones, like, it is I’d-rather-chop-my-arm-off-than-epilate-my-underarms-again painful. But it gets better with time and you soon start getting used to the pain (and fairer underarms).

Since we’ve all agreed on the fact that epilating underarms is the best method for underarm hair removal, let’s get to the more daunting task of finding the best epilator for underarms. We’ve tested quite a few ourselves and compiled a list of best epilators for armpits. It should also be noted that the underarm is a very sensitive area and it needs to be taken care of gently. In fact, one of the questions I get asked frequently is – “can epilator be used for underarms, what with underarms being so sensitive and epilating underarms such an excruciatingly painful process?” Well, you just have to find the right tools and do it the right way.


Before we delve into the process of finding you the best epilator for armpits, do take note of the following tips on how to use an epilator on underarms effectively and in the least painful way:

  • Take a warm bath before epilating armpits as warm water helps in opening the pores, which makes the process easier.
  • Trim the hair down to 1/4th of an inch before epilating underarms, as epilating short hair is less painful.
  • Try exfoliating underarm properly with a scrub before epilating armpits as it helps in getting rid of dead skin.
  • Make sure armpits are completely dried as it is way easier for the epilator to grasp dry hair.
  • While using the epilator for armpit hair removal, try to keep the skin as taut as possible because tighter the skin, lesser the pain.
  • Hold the epilator at a 90-degree angle to the skin and glide it gently, do not push it down with too much pressure.
  • Many epilators come with different speed settings. Start off with a slower speed and then move on to a faster one, depending on your pain tolerance level.
  • Once you are done with epilating your underarms, remove all the hairs with a clean, damp cloth.
  • Apply aloe vera gel after epilating your underarms to avoid irritation and sensitivity, after making sure there are no cuts on the skin.

So, hopefully, you’ve noted down all these epilator tips for armpits. Now that you know how to epilate armpits effectively, let’s find you that best epilator for underarms!


The following are the three best epilators for armpits that are specifically designed for easy hair removal on sensitive and hard-to-reach areas.


, Being Hairless
Philips Satinelle helps to remove hair faster without pulling the sensitive skin.

This epilator consists of 32 tweezers, delicate area cap, facial cap, efficiency cap, shaver head, trimming comb and storage pouch. It also comes with a built-in smart light.

Some important features –

  • The epilator features a delicate area cap which is perfect for sensitive areas. The Philips Satinelle epilator is specifically designed for sensitive areas and thus qualifies as one of the best epilator for underarms. It is also an excellent epilator for the bikini line.
  • The epilator features an extra wide epilation head that grabs more hairs on the first pass without pulling sensitive skin.
  • It is a wet/dry epilator and thus, can be used in the shower as well.
  • This is a cordless epilator, and is especially handy it comes to epilating underarms as you don’t want the cord to interfere with the already complex process.
  • It comes with dual-speed settings which are recommended while epilating underarms and other delicate areas.
  • This Philips epilator for underarms consists of a built-in smart light which helps in visibility.
  • It also consists of a shaver, which can be used for trimming longer hair, before epilating. This can also be used to shave other parts of your body.
  • This epilator also consists of an efficiency cap, which can be used for full body epilation.

Since it is a cordless one, make sure you charge it beforehand.

This Philips epilator is not that expensive as it can be used for full body epilation and not just as an epilator for armpits, which makes it completely worth every penny you’re paying! It is suggested for people with light to medium hair growth.


, Being Hairless
Emjoi AP-18R removes majority hair first time itself.

It is one of most powerful epilators out there. It consists of 72 tweezers, which makes it incredibly fast and efficient. If you have coarse hair growth, this is perfect for epilating your underarms.

  • The 72 tweezer heads help in epilating armpits easily without the need for multiple passes. One fixed tweezer disc works together with two that open and close, capturing every last hair, while a 17-millimeter disk opening creates the optimal radius to effectively remove any lingering strands.
  • The Emjoi epilator is really efficient in removing fine hair, and thus assures smoother underarms for atleast 4 weeks, which is more than what any other underarm epilator offers.
  • Antimicrobial Protection adds to the safety bit. It prevents infections using silver ion technology.
  • Emagine boasts exclusive “lifting fingers” that lift flat and short hairs which further ensures easy, even epilation. In fact, this handy tool removes hair from the root as short as 1-2 millimeters (unlike their claim of 0.5 mm).
  • Dual speed control lets you choose the optimum speed for you while epilating underarms.
  • The compact design lets you move your hands easily. Compact design with a powerful operation is definitely a plus when it comes to epilating underarms.

This Emjoi epilator is recommended for people who have coarse underarm hair and wish to get rid of all the underarm hair quickly. Coming to the price, it is a mid-range epilator. The design and efficiency make it completely worth the price.


, Being Hairless
Braun Silk-épil 9 9-579 Women’s Epilator removes hair in one stroke.

This epilator is Braun’s latest model and is one of the most efficient and powerful epilators for underarms out there. Although it is a full-body epilator, it comes with a specific underarm cap. It comes with 7 attachments including a shaver head, a trimmer high-frequency massage cap, a skin contact cap, a charging stand and a facial brush.

  • Braun epilator underarm cap with the small surface area helps in making the process convenient. Epilating armpits with this takes only a minute or two.
  • It is a wet/dry epilator. You can use it in the shower to reduce the pain. Or, you can epilate your underarms dry if it is better efficiency you are looking for.
  • The wider epilation head removes more hair in one stroke, which improves efficiency as you need less number of strokes overall.
  • MicroGrip technology used by this Braun silk wet and dry epilator captures really small hairs too. It thus gives a hair-free, smooth run for 3 weeks, minimum.
  • Massaging attachment lets you get closest to your skin, so it can catch shorter hairs.
  • Shaver attachment is alright for trimming. It isn’t as good as a dedicated trimmer because you can’t get as much hair at once, but it does its job pretty well. With the trimmer head, it brings hair down to about half a centimeter or so. Without the trimmer head, it gets pretty short – almost down to the skin. I found this to be a bit too short for the epilator, so I would suggest either holding it a bit away from your skin or using the trimmer cover if the hair you want to epilate is very long.
  • The facial cleansing brush is okay. It doesn’t remove all your products, as claimed. But can definitely help with exfoliation.

However, using this Braun wet/dry epilator is considerably painful. If you have sensitive skin, it’ll be even more so. This Braun epilator is suggested for people with coarse growth and normal skin. Price is again not too high, considering that it can be used on the entire body.

So, choose the best epilator for you based on your skin type, hair growth, and budget. This was our take on the best epilator for underarms. Hopefully, we have covered all your queries regarding epilating underarms! If you still have some doubts or questions regarding epilating armpits, do leave them in the comments below!

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