๐Ÿ†š Epilator Vs Waxing โ€“ Is Epilator Better Than Waxing

Epilator vs Waxing – which is the better method when it comes to hair removal? This is one of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to hair removal at home and hence, in this article, we shall list the pros and cons of both the methods of hair removal.

Epilator vs Waxing – What Are The Pros & Cons Of Each Method?

There are two popular methods of hair removal that outshine the rest – Epilating and Waxing. It has been hotly debated for a long time which among epilating or waxing is better, and hence in this post we shall look at the various advantages and disadvantages of epilating vs waxing.

But before we start analyzing the various pros and cons of waxing vs epilation, let’s first understand more about waxing and epilators.

What Is Waxing?

Waxing is a form of semi-permanent hair removal in which the hair is removed from the root. After waxing, new hair doesn’t start in the waxed area for 4-6 weeks usually, although sometimes regrowth will take place in only a week due to some of their hair being on a different growth cycle. Waxing can be done on any body part, and there are many types of waxing for removing unwanted body hair.

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What Are Epilators?

Epilators are electrical devices which, similar to waxing, can be used to temporarily remove hair at the follicle level. Contrary to the popular belief that epilators are only suitable for legs, they can be used for hair removal on the entire body. They are comparable to electronic tweezers which can be used to remove body hair.

Now that we have a basic understanding of epilators and waxing, let’s start analyzing the pros and cons of waxing vs epilators.

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Last update was on: October 14, 2021 10:46 pm

Epilator Vs Waxing – Which One Should You Prefer?

Let’s evaluate both epilating and waxing on the following aspects of hair removal.

1) Which Is More Cost Effective?

epilator vs waxing, Being Hairless
Epilators are more cost effective in the longer run when compared to waxing.

We start with the most important factor, and that is, price. One might think that an epilator might cost more than waxing, and it indeed may look like that initially, but I will explain how epilators beat waxing hands down.

Epilators are a one time investment, and a good epilator (such as the Braun Silk-épil 7 7-561) will easily last 3-5 years. Compare that to the costs related to frequent waxing using wax strips (such as Veet Wax Strips), and you can see how epilators are a better option. Additionally, people often go to a salon for professional waxing, in which case the cost adds up quickly, even though you may only visit the salon every other week.

Epilators win hands-down in this criteria since they are more cost-effective long term, thus gaining the first point in this epilator vs waxing showdown.

2) What Are Their Effects On The Skin?

epilator vs waxing, Being Hairless
Waxing, when done incorrectly, can result in skin burns.

When deciding the pros and cons of epilator vs waxing, the effect of these procedures on the skin is a major factor in deciding their effectiveness.

After each epilating session, you might get red bumps on your skin, which is perfectly normal and will subside in a couple of hours . Moisturizing after each session ensures that the skin is restored back to its normal color faster.

In the case of waxing, there are many things that may go wrong for the beginner. Waxing with overheated wax is often paired with skin darkening and burns. Additionally, there is a risk of allergic reaction to the wax, which can range from severe skin rash to folliculitis. Unclean waxing products also make the skin prone to skin infections. Using epilators thus results in lesser ingrown hairs and skin irritation.

However, waxing does seem to have some exfoliating effect on the skin. Waxing not only removes body hairs, but also helps remove dead skin cells.

Thus, you might get red bumps after epilation, and burns or allergic reaction to wax when not done properly. However, waxing seems to have an exfoliating effect on the skin, and thus wins in this criteria for waxing vs epilation.

3) Which Among Epilating And Waxing Is More Painful?

epilator vs waxing, Being Hairless
Both epilating and waxing are equally painful.

Epilator pain vs waxing pain – Now this is a criteria which is very subjective. Some people find that waxing is more painful than epilating, while others find this to be the complete opposite.

One can argue that waxing covers a larger area at a time, and hence the pain experienced is lesser overall compared to the epilator. However, using the epilator on a lower speed also minimizes pain to a great extent. Hence, there is no clear winner when evaluating epilator pain vs waxing pain.

If you are interested in using an epilator, check out our post on minimizing pain involved during epilation.

4) Which Is More Convenient – Waxing Or Epilating?

epilator vs waxing, Being Hairless
Epilating is much more convenient than hot waxing.

Another major factor in deciding the winner in this “Waxing vs Epilator” battle, we can easily argue that epilators are far more easier and convenient to use than waxing. Waxing involves the use of wax, which is an inconvenience in itself.

Cold waxing may mitigate some of this inconvenience, but it is often associated with ingrown hairs and is less effective than hot waxing, as it often leaves some hair still attached to the skin. Epilators are definitely much easier to use.

Using a cordless epilator is definitely more convenient than hot waxing. Cold waxing, although much more convenient than hot waxing, is often less effective at removing hair. Thus, epilators are more convenient when compared to waxing.

5) Which Is A Faster Method For Hair Removal?

epilator vs waxing, Being Hairless
Removing hairs with epilators is often much faster than waxing.

Things don’t seem to be going well for waxing. Let’s see how it fares against the epilator in this criteria.

Unless you are having your hair professionally waxed, an average waxing session will take about an hour on the arms and legs. With an epilator, you will take much less time.

For the average user, epilators would hands-down be a much faster and effective way of hair removal when compared to waxing.

6) Which Is More Difficult To Get Started With?

epilator vs waxing, Being Hairless
Getting started with epilation is a lot easier when compared to waxing.

Epilators are fairly simple to use and get adjusted to. Waxing involves heating up wax to the correct temperature so that your skin doesn’t get burnt. Of course, cold waxing is easier, but is comparatively very ineffective at removing hairs. And an average session of waxing is often followed by oiling of the skin to remove the sticky residue.

Compared to waxing, epilators are definitely much easier to get started with.

7) Which Is Better At Removing Hair – Waxing Or Epilating?

epilator vs waxing, Being Hairless
Epilators are a faster way to remove hair at home.

One major disadvantage with waxing is that one has to wait for the hair to grow to certain length before waxing again. Whereas epilators are designed to pull hairs as small as 0.5mm in length. In fact, you can use the epilator whenever you see hairs growing back on your body.

Another problem with waxing is that there is a chance that hairs will be broken instead of pulled. This will then require you to tweeze out these broken hairs using tweezers. Epilators mechanize this whole process, and one can easily use the epilator on areas he/she might have missed earlier.

Your hair is more effectively pulled out with epilators, minimizing the chances of the hair breaking midway. Here again, epilators come out on top in this category of waxing vs epilation.

Verdict – Is Epilator Better Than Waxing?

After considering various criteria, epilators seem to be a much better choice for hair removal, although it was a close battle in some segments when comparing waxing vs epilation. An epilator will thus, be a better investment for body hair removal keeping in mind the above points. If you are used to waxing hair and are torn up between epilator or waxing, I would suggest giving epilators a try. You might be surprised how effective these little machines are at hair removal!

Hope you liked our article on waxing vs epilation. I have also answered a few commonly asked questions below –

Is epilator better than waxing?

This depends upon who you ask. Epilating for the first time can be a painful experience. But epilating hair is so much more faster and convenient when compared to waxing.

Does epilating reduce hair growth?

Since epilators work by pulling out hair, over time this damages the hair follicles. The hair that subsequently grows is much thinner as a result.

Do epilators have side effects?

Epilating, similar to waxing, can cause redness, swelling, breakouts and ingrown hairs. However, incidence of ingrown hairs seems to be lesser compared to waxing.

Does epilator make skin dark?

No, epilators do not make the skin dark. They work by mechanically pulling out the hair, and might cause temporary redness of the skin, but doesn’t make the skin dark.

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