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It’s understandable that many women are new to the term ‘epilator’ and maybe it’s their very first time reading about the same. So, in quick simple words, an epilator is a small electronic device which, with help of tiny metallic/ceramic tweezers present in it, removes hair from its roots. Hair removal depends totally on one’s own personal needs, but on a larger scale, women prefer epilation, waxing or shaving. In today’s busy world, rather than going out to salons for getting waxed it’s better and easier to choose the option of owning an epilator. With hundreds of brands out there and each one claiming to be “the best epilator for women”, we should have a clear idea about the different factors that need to be considered while selecting an epilator.

We should know that every epilator comes with different accessories and multiple features designed to meet its customers’ needs. Also, there are many factors which turn a simple epilator into the best epilator for women i.e., its price range or whether it’s painless/painful when used or if it’s a corded/cordless device. Therefore, before buying the best epilator one should do a proper research to make the right decision of finding out the correct and best epilator among various brands offering different epilators. To find the perfect and best epilator for women, check out my detailed guide on an epilator.

How To Choose The Best Epilator For Women

best epilator for women, Being Hairless
Epilator buying guide on how to choose the best epilator for women.

In this detailed epilator buying guide, we will help you choose the best epilator for you. Following are the most important factors which need to be considered while choosing the best epilator for women-

  1. Cordless Epilators Corded Epilators – Does the power of the corded epilators entice you or are you happy with the battery-operated cordless ones?
  2. Wet and Dry Epilators – Do you usually epilate while in the shower or don’t like the watery mess and prefer to do your epilating outside it?
  3. Number of Tweezers – Are you generally in a hurry while epilating or do you take your time with it? More the number of tweezers, faster will be the process of epilation.
  4. Price of the Epilator – Are you on a shoe-string budget or you don’t mind spending a bit when it comes to epilating?
  5. Areas where you want to use the epilator – Hard to reach areas may need a smaller or pivoting head.


best epilator for women, Being Hairless
It is important to check whether the epilator is corded or cordless before selecting one.

Cordless epilators work with the help of batteries which can be recharged between each session. Corded epilators are usually more powerful as these are always plugged in during the epilation process but do not offer the convenience that cordless epilators give. Hence, corded epilators can be used as long as the cord is plugged into a power source. If you opt for a cordless epilator, opt for one that maintains power for atleast 40 minutes. If you go for a corded epilator, make sure the cord is long enough to allow you to reach even hard to reach areas of your body, without straining yourself.


best epilator for women, Being Hairless
Wet Epilators are especially helpful when you need to epilate in the shower.

An epilator works best on dry skin, but hair removal does become a lot more easier when done on wet skin. So now on a larger scale, women have started to prefer and like more of wet epilation as it is gentler on the skin, since wet skin is softer and help with easy removal of body hair.
The new lineup of epilators from brands like Panasonic, Philips, Braun, Emjoi can be used for both wet and dry epilation.

The new wet and dry epilator models are more accessible and can be used both in water and on dry skin. But before using them under water, they need to be fully charged. They also should be perfectly waterproof. These usually come with a safety notch which is put on while it’s plugged on indicating that it cannot be used in water while being plugged in.


best epilator for women, Being Hairless
The number of tweezers plays an important role when choosing an epilator.

Tweezers are the main part of an epilator and the removal of hair totally depends on it. Epilators come with both less and more amount of tweezers in it. If an epilator has a less number of tweezers it does not mean that the hair will not be removed rather the epilation period will increase and a person will have to epilate an area for more than once for a better result. And on the other hand, epilators with a large number of tweezers means faster work but includes more pain and at times epilators with more tweezers and faster speed are of no use if the hair is not removed properly.

There are various kinds of epilators with different kinds of tweezers attached to it. Most of them are made out of metal but on the other hand, Philips Satin Perfect has tweezers made out of Ceramic which look like as if it’s made of plastic but when it’s used its no way near painless and it’s not in any way gentler while used on skin. But when compared to others it is definitely one of the most powerful models. The number of tweezers and tweezer material, thus, play an important role in determining the power of an epilator.

Overall, we can say that tweezers are a determining factor when it comes to choosing the best epilator for women.


Epilators range from various different prices. The better and denser the features, the higher will be the price. You can find epilators starting from $7 and the price might go up to $450, but again as I said before it all depends on a customer’s likes and their preferences to buy the best epilator that suits his or her needs. It doesn’t matter if it is higher or cheaper in price. The main agenda should be the satisfaction of the customer and how well it is benefiting him/her.

Some budget epilators which can be friendly to our pockets will be-

1. Braun Silk-épil 5 Power 5280 Women’s Epilator – It consists of 40 close-grip tweezers, includes a cap, massage rolls and built-in lights which improve visibility while epilating.

2. Philips Satin Perfect Cordless Epilator –  It is a cordless epilator with built-in lights, massaging system and washable epilator head.

The companies like PHILIPS, BRAUN, and PANASONIC offer the best budget epilators at pocket-friendly prices and comprises of amazing features to meet the needs of its customers.


What body parts you plan to use your epilator on should be a major factor when buying an epilator. Epilators come with different attachments that might be suited for certain areas of your body. Most women use epilators primarily on their legs. However, if you decide you want to use it on other areas of the body, you might want to consider getting an epilator that comes with specific attachments that are suited for different parts of the body like face, underarms, and bikini. So, for example, a facial epilator will have a certain set of features that distinguishes it from an epilator for your legs. A pivoting head is better suited for hard to reach areas. For more hard to reach areas, you may want to consider getting an even smaller sized epilator.

We don’t recommend using a regular epilator for the face, even with the included caps because it can be a little too powerful (and painful) for the sensitive facial skin. If you plan on epilating your face, choose a model that is specifically designed as a facial epilator, since these models don’t rotate as fast, and are better suited for removing fine hair.

We hope that you liked our guide on how to choose the best epilator for women. Do let us know about your opinions in the comments below.

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