How To Clean Epilators – Guide To Cleaning An Epilator

Epilators are one of the best tools when it comes to getting rid of unwanted body or facial hair.  Epilators work by grabbing onto the hair using the tweezers on its head and pull out the hair from your skin. But along with the hair, the tweezers also end up picking dirt, dead skin and bacteria. And not all of us are so keen in keeping our epilators clean. Learning how to clean epilators is extremely crucial in ensuring the durability and effectiveness of your device.

Not cleaning the epilator frequently would make the epilator dirty and clogged. If the epilator isn’t cleaned frequently, there will be a lot of bacteria and dirt build up on it. Also the hair stuck between the tweezers will interfere with the hair removal process. Therefore, a clean epilator is always recommended. Now you might ask me how to clean an epilator?This is how you can clean your epilator effectively.


Here are some steps that will help you in cleaning your dirty epilator:


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To clean the epilator, first remove the head from the body of the epilator.

The first thing to do before cleaning an epilator is to remove the head from the body. In most of the epilators, the head can be removed by pressing the button on the side of the head present just above where the tweezers are connected. This is when you can witness the dirt and hair stuck within the tweezers.


, Being Hairless
Dust off the hair and dirt from the head and the body of the epilator.

In this step, the hair and dirt are dusted off from the head and the body using a brush. Epilators usually come with a brush for cleaning purposes. If you don’t have that brush or might have lost it, you can also use a trimmer brush or even a toothbrush. Brush off all the hair within the tweezers head. Keep rotating the tweezer head and brush off all the hair. Also, remove the hair stuck within the body by tilting it and then brushing it off.


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If you have a wet and dry epilator, rinse the tweezer head under running water. Else use a can of compressed air.

After brushing off the hair, clean it by using a can of compressed air. Blow off any hair stuck inside the tweezer wheel. If compressed air can isn’t available for you, then try cleaning by either a hair dryer or just by blowing air from your mouth. If you have a waterproof epilator, then rinse the tweezer head under running water and then later blow off any hair or dirt still stuck after drying.


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Soak a cotton ball in alcohol and wipe it over the tweezer head.

There may still be some bacteria left after cleaning. So in this step, soak a cotton ball in some medicinal alcohol and wipe it over the head and attachments so as to get rid of bacteria on your epilator.


, Being Hairless
Leave the epilator to dry for a few hours once you finish cleaning the epilator.

Finally, after cleaning, shake the cleaned parts and let the epilator parts dry for a few hours so that all the remaining water and alcohol can evaporate off the attachments. You can also pat dry the epilator and then lay all the parts on a clean cloth and let it dry. After few hours, if the parts are completely dry, then reattach the parts and it is all good to be used again.

Hence, as you can see, cleaning an epilator is a very simple task. Regular cleaning of your epilator is pretty easy and helps in keeping the epilator clean and effective. So it is advised to clean your epilator once between 1-2 sessions so as to improve hygiene and also improve the epilator’s life. I hope you all now know how to clean epilators after reading this guide.

  1. Won’t cleaning epilators by washing ruin them?

  2. I was so apprehensive the first time I attempted removing the epilator head. I thought I might break something, since the head wasn’t coming out how much ever I tried!

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