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So, you have finally decided that you’ll stop thinking about epilator vs waxing and start epilating instead. But the question arises – how to use an epilator? This post will provide a solution to your problem along with a bonus section on how to reduce epilator pain.

Buy a good epilator first; one that perfectly suits your needs. Epilators are a one-time investment and it pays to get slightly better quality epilator. That being said, epilators are available at a wide range of prices, and there’s one to fit every budget.


So let’s get started on our quest to learn how to use an epilator properly.


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Choosing the right type of epilator is the first step in learning how to use an epilator.

Before you learn how to epilate, let’s first know more about the types of epilator that are available in the market.

Epilators come in two types – wet and dry. Dry epilators can only be used on dry skin whereas wet epilators can be used to remove hair in a shower as well as on dry skin.

People usually prefer wet epilators as using them on wet skin reduces pain, but dry epilators are less messy. Beginners are usually advised to use wet epilators due to the reduced pain associated with them.


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Always exfoliate before you epilate.

Many of us reading this post are first time epilator users. Hence, the following tips on how to prepare your skin before epilating will ensure a smooth hair removal experience-

  • Schedule – Choose a specific day for your epilation. Epilating usually takes longer than shaving, and it is recommended to do it at night. This is because epilating can cause redness of the skin, and epilating overnight will make sure that the redness of the skin will be gone by the time you wake up in the morning.
  • Shave – Shave 2 days prior to epilating. Epilating shorter hair is much more comfortable.
  • Exfoliate – Exfoliate the day before you epilate. Exfoliating is very important because it prevents the formation of ingrown hairs. You can use a body scrub to exfoliate. Some epilators also come equipped with an exfoliation brush.
  • Shower– Take a warm shower prior to epilating. This will moisturize the hair, which will ensure a better epilating experience.
  • Numbing Cream – If you are apprehensive about the pain, use a numbing cream or take an Advil 30 minutes prior to epilating as mentioned above. Rest assured, the pain does reduce after a few sessions of epilating.


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Hold the device 90 degrees to your skin.

Once you are done with preparing your skin for epilation, follow these steps on how to use an epilator properly-

  • Charge – Make sure the epilator has enough charge before starting if it is a battery powered version. Running out of power during a session is not preferable.
  • Hold your skin tight – Holding your skin tight with one hand and moving the epilator slowly against the grain of the hair, i.e., against the direction in which the hair is growing is the best way to ensure proper removal of fine and short hair in one go.
  • Hold the device 90 degrees to your skin – Now let’s start the process! Turn on the epilator and hold it at a right angle to your skin. Hold the epilator lightly against the skin. You don’t have to press it down too hard. The tweezers inside the epilator will pull the hair out.
  • Start with the easily accessible areas – Start with an easy area and gradually move in towards the areas with thicker density of hair. Always epilate in patches rather than the whole leg or arm at a time. This way, the skin gets slowly used to the sensation of the hair being plucked out and all you feel are slight pin-pricks.
  • Adjust speed – Epilators usually have different speed settings, and it is recommended to set it at the lowest setting for the first time. Keeping it at the lowest setting reduces the pain caused, as well as gives you the best results in the least number of tries, which in turn reduces the number of times you have to use the epilator over the same spot. It also helps in pulling out the hair along with the root, instead of just breaking them.


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Cleaning your epilator properly will prolong its life.

Now that you have learnt how to use an epilator, it is equally important to learn how to clean your epilator and maintain it. If you do not know how to clean your epilator properly, it may affect the life and performance of your hair removal device. Follow these steps to properly clean your epilator.

  • Turn off your epilator and unplug it. Remove all it’s attachments.
  • Dust off the loose hairs from all the epilator parts with a small soft brush (often included with the epilator). Unclogging the epilator prolongs its life and helps giving you a better experience many times over.
  • Rinse the epilator with water if it’s a wet epilator, or else use rubbing alcohol and brush for dry epilator.
  • Wipe it with rubbing alcohol to disinfect it.
  • Make sure that the device dries itself completely before your next use.


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Learning how to use an epilator properly also means proper skin care after each session to prevent red bumps from occuring.

As important it is to learn how to use an epilator, one should also remember to take proper care of the skin after epilation. After using the epilator on the skin, the skin might turn red or small bumps might appear.

Keep in mind that this is normal and the skin returns back to its original self after a few hours. Due to this reason, it is advisable to epilate during the night as the redness/bumps will subside till the morning. Pluck out any odd remaining hairs with a tweezer, clean the area, and use a moisturizer, preferably one that contains glycolic acid, as the skin is very sensitive after epilation and requires a little extra care.


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Schedule in advance for your next epilation session.

After the first time you epilate, you may want to occasionally check the areas for new hair growth. In fact, the most important part of learning how to use epilator properly is to develop a routine that matches with the time your hair takes to grow back.

You may have to use the epilator one to two times a week. But after some time, along with your body getting used to epilation, the hair growth reduces, and the need for epilation reduces to once every two weeks, which is a much better option than waxing or shaving!

We hope that you have enjoyed reading our post on epilator tips and how to use an epilator. We wish you the very best for your epilating sessions. Let us know about your experiences with using an epilator.

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