๐Ÿค” How To Use Epilator Without Pain โ€“ Reduce Epilator Pain

To what extent would you go for a long-lasting, flawless, hair-free skin? Would you voluntarily let a few hundred thousand rotating electronic tweezers pluck out hairs from your skin, few strands at a time? Well, most women do. Thanks to epilators, we finally have a hassle-free, efficient, long-lasting and cost-effective solution when it comes to hair removal. And if you are wondering since when did life get so easy, it isn’t.

Despite their many amazing advantages, epilators hurt like crazy. Unless you have some kind of weird high-pain tolerance (I hate you, btw.), epilator pain is fu***** bad. The first time I used an epilator, I swore to myself that I’d never go within a million miles of one. But once you have tried using epilators, it’s very difficult to go back to shaving or waxing. So, I decided to look for a few ways to minimize epilator pain instead. Based on months of research and experimentation, here’s presenting – how to use epilator without pain!

How To Use Epilator Without Pain – Let’s Get Started

Let’s jump right into learning how to remove hair with epilator without pain. By taking a few simple precautions, you can reduce epilator pain to a great extent. If the main reason you stay away from epilators is because of the excruciating pain associated with these and have been wondering how to reduce epilator pain, this article is for you. Even though there is no such thing as a pain-free epilator, paying attention to minor things and following a few simple precautions can greatly reduce the pain and make it bearable. Let’s dive right in and look at how to use epialtor without pain!

1) Always Shower Before Epilating

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Showering before epilation will help reduce epilator pain.

Make the skin tender before using the epilator. This is the first thing I suggest whenever someone asks how to reduce epilator pain. A good way to do this is to get a warm water bath before epilating. The warm water open up the pores and makes plucking out the hair easier and less painful.

2) Exfoliate Your Skin After The Shower

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Before you use an epilator, exfoliate your skin after a warm shower.

Follow it up by exfoliating your skin, which helps in preventing ingrown hair. This can be done using various exfoliating creams that are available. Aleo vera gel can also be used if you do not like using chemicals. But if your skin is too sensitive, you can skip this step.

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3) Shave Before You Epilate

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It is a good idea to shave a few days prior to epilating.

Shave 2-3 days prior to the epilating session, so that the hair is shorter when you epilate. If you’re using a dry epilator, make sure that all the water and any lotion/makeup is completely removed. Sprinkling talcum powder on the skin also helps to soak up any remaining moisture.

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4) Use A Numbing Cream Or Pain Killer

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Use a numbing cream to reduce epilator pain.

You can either pop a painkiller an hour or so before you start the epilation, or you can apply a numbing cream to the area you want to use the epilator on. Commonly used creams contain Lidocaine and starting working around half an hour after application. After a few epilation sessions, you will find that you will find the process considerably less painful compared to the first time you used an epilator.

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5) Use A Wet And Dry Epilator

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Epilate in the shower to reduce the pain involved in the process.

People usually prefer wet epilators as using them on wet skin reduces pain, and brands like Braun manufacture excellent wet and dry epilators that can be easily used when you are having a shower. However, wet epilators are less efficient as compared to dry epilators. And these need multiple passes over a single area to remove hair completely. Hence, I prefer using dry epilators, but lather up a lot of shaving cream in order to reduce pain. I have found this to be extremely useful as doesn’t reduce the efficiency that much.

Last update was on: September 17, 2021 3:58 am

6) Pull The Skin Taut To Epilate

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Make sure you pull your skin taut while epilating.

Make sure the skin is taut and straight in order to facilitate a pain-free epilation. Epilating works best on flat surfaces, and pulling the skin taut helps the hairs stand up and be caught up easily by the tweezers.

7) Exfoliate After You Epilate

, Being Hairless
Exfoliating after epilating will help prevent ingrown hairs.

You have subjected your skin to some extremely intrusive treatment. Thus, it is important to exfoliating after using an epilator. Investing in a good soothing cream/moisturizer is thus essential. It prevents the growth of ingrown hairs and bumps on the skin.

Epilator Pain Vs Waxing Pain – Which Is More Painful?

Which is more painful? Epilating or waxing? This is a common question from those who are planning to move on to epilators from waxing. Both methods involve pulling the hair out. Some say that waxing is more painful, some say epilating is. With waxing, you might be able to cover a large area at once. Whereas when using epilators, you can use them in the shower (wet epilators) or can operate it at a lower speed setting to minimize pain. Hence, it is a very subjective call when comparing epilator pain vs waxing pain. If you ask me, waxing is probably same as epilating on a pain scale.

There you have it! Don’t let the pain hold you back anymore since now you know how to use epilator without pain! Now that you know how to reduce epilator pain, we urge you to read our guide on how to use an epilator.

I have also covered a few commonly asked questions below –

Is it painful to use epilators?

Epilation does hurt, similar to how waxing hurts. However, epilating in the shower reduces the pain by quite a bit.

Does a wet/dry epilator help with the pain?

Wet and dry epilators allow you to epilate in the shower, which reduces the pain involved in epilating.

How do you properly use an epilator?

Pull the skin taut, shave before you epilate, and exfoliate in the shower.

Epilator pain vs waxing pain – which is more?

Both epilating and waxing hurt the same. You can reduce the pain involved with epilation by epilating in a shower.

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