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September 18, 2021 7:29 am
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Almost everyone has heard or tried Veet hair removal cream in their lifetime. Veet hair removal cream is often used to remove hair from armpits, bikini lines or legs. Depilatories like Veet have chemicals that help in removing hair. As it is a chemical substance, there can be side effects of using Veet hair removal cream. This post is all about showering some light on Veet hair removal cream’s side effects.

How Depilatories Like Veet Hair Removal Cream Work

Hair removal creams like Veet work by removing the hair by melting it away. Depilatories like Veet hair removal cream contain chemicals that on contact with the hair, breaks its natural structure. After proper application of Veet, the leftover cream along with the broken hair can be washed away.

While painless and super easy to use, its chemicals that we are dealing with here. Depilatories work on the hair by dissolving it by using chemicals like potassium hydroxide and calcium hydroxide. These substances may cause side effects like skin irritation which may last from some hours to even months for some individuals. Brands like Veet and Nair are FDA-approved; hence they are comparatively safe but come with warnings because the chemicals in them are so strong. Hence Veet hair removal cream comes with its own set of side effects.

Ingredients In Veet Hair Removal Cream

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Hair removal creams like veet work by breaking disulfide bonds of keratin molecules in hair.

Veet hair removal cream is an Aqua (basically distilled water) based solution. It contains a combination of ingredients like urea, paraffinum liquidum, cetearyl alcohol, propylene glycol, glycerin, sodium gluconate, lithium magnesium sodium silicate, and many more. But the two main ingredients in Veet hair removal cream are potassium thioglycolate and potassium hydroxide. According to studies, potassium thioglycolate in Veet hair removal cream helps in removing hair by breaking disulfide bonds of keratin molecules in hair, thereby reducing the tensile strength of hair. Hence the hair can be easily wiped away.

Side Effects Of Using Veet Hair Removal Cream

Depilatories like Veet hair removal cream as mentioned above, contain several chemicals. As Veet is FDA-approved, hence it is way safer than other hair removal creams. But still, there can be some side effects among certain individuals. The side effects range from bad odour to even burns.

1) Bad Odour

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The chemicals in hair removal creams can have unpleasant odours.

Most hair removal creams have a weird, pungent smell. Veet hair removal cream may smell pleasant when it is just put on the body, but its smell can become a little unpleasant as the cream starts breaking down your hair. This is mainly due to the sulfur odour released into the air while acting on the hair. The chemicals in Veet hair removal cream, especially potassium thioglycolate, releases the weird smell when dissolving the disulfide bonds of the hair.

2) Skin Irritation

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Hair removal creams may cause skin irritations when applied.

Skin irritation is one of the most often reported side effects of using Veet hair removal cream. In fact, this might be the most common problem when it comes to all hair removal creams. In certain individuals, when the cream is applied, it may cause some stinging on the skin. Even though Veet claims to cause no irritation on the skin, this problem might arise for certain people with super sensitive skin or skin problems. The stinging sensation from the application of the cream may fade after properly rinsing the affected body part, but the effect may last for even hours for certain individuals.

3) Chemical Burns

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Chemical burns from hair depilatory creams can be painful and leave a red rash and sometimes blisters in the affected area.

As mentioned above, hair removal creams contain thioglycolic acid and potassium hydroxide. These break down the hair faster than the skin, hence making it possible to remove hair without removing the skin. However, if the product is applied for a long time on the skin or if not properly washed off, it would start reacting with the skin, thereby causing a chemical burn. Even though Veet is FDA-approved, it is still recommended to apply it in proper amounts for a fixed time. In case a small burn occurs, wash off the chemical properly and allow to burn to heal for few days using some topical antibiotic like Polysporin. If the burn is severe, do contact a doctor immediately.

4) Allergic Reaction

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It is always recommended to do a patch test to test for any skin allergies when using hair removal creams.

Allergies are another commonly reported side effects of using veet hair removal cream. Such side effects of using Veet hair removal cream range from red rashes to small pimples. Before using such depilatories, it is always recommended to do a patch test for at least 24 hours before using the product. For patch testing, apply some cream in a small, non-visible area according to the instructions given on the product. On the next day, check whether there are any signs of allergy. If not, then you can use it as per your requirements.

Testing The Cream Before Application

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It is recommended to do a small patch test before applying any hair removal cream.

So before you start applying the hair removal cream, a test to check safeness on your skin is recommended. Doing a patch test will be a good indicator to gauge the side effects of using veet hair removal cream on your skin. Experts recommend doing the test as follows-

  • First of all, test the cream on your skin to check whether you are hypersensitive to the cream or not.
  • Next, leave the cream on your skin for the lowest amount of time recommended in the instruction. Don’t leave for too long as it would cause irritation due to the chemicals and hence failing the purpose of the test.
  • After applying it for some fixed time, rinse the product away using just water or a wet washcloth.
  • If there is no allergy, burn or irritation, then it can be used for removing hair.


Do not use the hair removal creams on cut or broken skin. Doing so may result in causing burns or severe irritation. Most side effects of using veet hair removal cream can be prevented with proper use.

Can You Use Veet Hair Removal Cream On Your Face?

We do not recommend using hair removal creams designed for removing body hair to remove hair from your face. Body creams are made in accordance with the sensitivity of the skin. Facial skin is much more sensitive than the skin of your arms and legs. Side effects of applying hair removal creams to your face include darkening of skin, rashes or skin irritation, and scabbing. Hence, if you plan on applying any hair removal cream to your face, make sure it is specifically designer for facial application or for application on sensitive areas. Veet does offer hair removal creams for sensitive areas and your face. If you want to use cream to remove facial hair, use the sensitive cream or one made specifically for the face.

Hair-removal creams have evolved over the years and are considered much safer today, and brands like Veet are very reliable when it comes to hair removal creams. Still, we suggest you exercise caution when using hair removal creams, especially on your sensitive areas.

  1. I think a lot of Veet hair removal side effects depends on the skin of the individual using it. For example, my skin tolerates hair removal creams very well, but my cousins skin HATES any and all types of hair removal creams.

  2. I just bought Veet hair removal cream and was wondering about the side effects of veet hair removal. I will do a patch test as suggested in this article

  3. The only side effect of veet hair removal cream was skin irritation when I used the body hair removal version on my face.

  4. I have used Veet for a long time, and I have yet to find any side effects of Veet. I guess it all depends on skin type.

  5. Beware using hair removal creams on your underarms. This is especially the case with Veet’s side effects. It’s not good for everyone so must try first. Before using hair removable cream, I was also worried about harmful chemicals and allergic reaction, and rightly so. I also avoid using Veet hair removal on my facial hair but do apply to other parts of body, except armpits. Thank you for a great article and I share your views on Veet’s side effects to a great extent.

  6. Veet was a disaster for me. Not only did it not remove hair for me, it lead to visible darkness of my skin. I also felt my skin got scaly (maybe I am overthinking). But anyways, it removed no hair for me, and that itself provides me no value to use it. But yes, darkening is definitely one of the frequently reported side effect of veet hair removal cream.

  7. I experienced really bad itching with the sensitive version of Veet.

  8. I think black people can’t be effected

  9. It’s good that you are spreading awareness about depilatory cream side effects. We rarely think about testing any hair removal cream on our skin. I had tried veet before without trying, and ended up with really bad rashes. I have really sensitive skin, and should have done a patch test before.

  10. Everyone has a different skin type, and hence it is always recommended to do a patch test when trying a new cream.

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